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  • How Do I Place An Order?
    1. Click the Order button on the product page (below the description for the item) 2. Fill out the pdf Order Form 3. Save the pdf on your computer 4. Email to
  • Why 200 Postcards?
    Bulk Mail is a very cost effective way to increase the number of postcards you send. For example, through ET Marketing you can send about 150 postcards first-class mail for the same price that you can send 200 postcards via bulk mail – increasing your distribution by 25% for the same cost!
  • Why so much white space for the mailing address area?
    The US Post Office has different ‘clear space’ requirements for different classifications of mail. For our bulk mail type, the clear space needs to be 4.25”Wx2.25”H to be accepted by the US Post Office. This size is for both Jumbo and Standard postcards.
  • Why can’t I use the picture of the listing off my website for printing?
    Most pictures on websites are low-resolution at 72-96 dpi (dots per inch), but you need high-resolution pictures (at least 240 dpi) when printing. A low-resolution image will print very blurry until the size is reduced enough to obtain the 240 dpi that printing requires. For example, if an image is 5”x7” (72 dpi) on a website, it will need to be no larger than 1.5”x2” in order to be crisp enough for print. (This applies to all images used in printing, including your headshot image and logo.)
  • How can ET Marketing help you give more punch to your advertising $?
    Our goal is to help you get the most out of your marketing dollar, so rather than just selecting the 200 addresses closest to the last listing you closed – chat with us for a few minutes. We can let you know how many of the residents in the area are owner occupied, how many have owned their home for 3 years or more, and how many do not have a mortgage. The more information you have about an area, the more efficient you will be in hitting your target market, and the more effective your marketing budget.
  • Why does my mailing need “or Current Resident” in the delivery address?
    It is part of the US Postal Service Bulk Mail requirements that any bulk mail piece have a ‘generic delivery’ line, or it may be refused by the USPS facility.
  • Effective FARM for a Just Sold postcard?
    Your primary goal is to advertise yourself as an agent, and increase the chance of obtaining more listings in that neighborhood. When selecting a FARM for this purpose, your dollars are better spent on sending postcards to those owners who have been at the residence for more than 3 years. This increases the chance of the homeowner being interested in selling, thus making your marketing dollars more efficiently targeted.
  • Effective FARM for a Just Listed postcard?
    Your goal is two-fold, to increase awareness about the listing AND advertise your brand. If you distribute just to owners that have been in surrounding homes more than 3 years you may not be distributing to the best group. Distributing to all residents surrounding the house will help increase word-of-mouth, plus a new resident close by may have a friend or family member that wants to move into the neighborhood, or a nearby renter may want to buy in the area.
  • If I am interested in a Property Profile Book (Home Book), what options are available?"
    We offer Property Books in digital ($10), 3-ring binder ($15), and wire-bound ($24) formats.
  • Should I select a flyer or a brochure for my listing?
    In general, if you have 12 pics or less the flyer is the best option – if you have more than 12, or some specific pictures you would like to feature, then you should consider the brochure option.
  • What does 'Bleed" mean?"
    When you want the color or pictures to print to the edge, you can request a bleed on your postcard. The cost is just an additional 3¢ per card. This is due to the additional paper required to print the bleed before trimming.
  • Custom work?
    If you have something specific you want to do to make your brand stand out – talk to the team at ET Marketing. We can help you design a piece that will communicate your personality to your target market, making your brand more memorable. This can be as simple as a custom flyer, or as personal as a new logo.
  • What information is needed to generate a FARM?
    You provide the criteria – we provide the # of listings for your approval. PRODUCT FORMAT: Digital Spreadsheet, Digital labels (formatted for Avery 5160), or Printed Labels COUNTY: Data is recorded by county assessor GEOGRAPHIC AREA: This can be any of the following: zip code, subdivision name, surrounding street boundaries, or the address you would like to pull surrounding listings (and the # of listings you desire) PROPERTY TYPE: SFR only, Condos only, 2‐4 Units only (duplexes/tri/quad – all grouped together), All Residential (includes SFR, Condos, & 2-4 units), Residential Vacant Land, Commercial/Office, or Commercial Vacant Land ADDITIONAL CRITERIA: Examples: Owner Occupied/Non-Owner Occupied, Owned 3+ years, Assessed value, etc. See our FARM form for easy ordering.
  • Why can FARM numbers vary so much?
    One square mile of residential properties in a FARM can yield as many as 1,500 listings! The larger an area, the larger the number of listings. But keep in mind you can add more criteria to your FARM to reduce the number of listings rather than simply reducing the area size. The numbers always depend on the options you have selected.
  • What is the minimum number I can get in a FARM listing?
    You can request any number of listings that you need. Basic FARM data (Owner’s Name, Site Address, and Mailing Address) can be obtained for our low invoice minimum of $5, which supplies up to 250 property listings.
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